Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grammar Gaming

I'm going to go out on a limb here and write a brief little post about some grammar gaming that Kaya's been doing over the past few days. I know, I may come as a shock to some of you if I don't wax on for days, lamenting about how hard this whole thing is...

But I'm gonna try it.
See how it feels.

So, a few days before I wrote my last post, Kaya and I were having a moment in the kitchen: she was playing with the plastic, magnetized measuring spoons, ultimately throwing them on the floor. I wasn't into it. Especially when I saw the magnetic pieces flying every which direction.

The next day, moment behind us, Kaya was playing with the spoons again, wondering about the missing magnet on the back. I reminded her of what happened, and she, like a detective, went searching for the missing piece. I told her that I thought one of the pieces went under the stove, so she hopped over there and began to look. Within a few seconds, I heard her say, "Kaya see it not," which as some of you may realize, is German grammar through and through: Kaya sieht es nicht.

A few days later, as I was leaving for work, Kaya let me know, emphatically, that "Kaya's bleibing bei Dada" [Kaya's staying with Dada]. Initially, I was really delighted to see that Kaya is playing with the rules, applying German grammar to her English sentences. But then it hit me that she's doing it in both directions...SO cool.

The human brain is really SO cool.
(Except when it keeps us stuck in our self-degrading, overwhelmed states!)


  1. I love this!!! Language-learning shows us just how amazing the brain can be. Maybe that's why I love teaching language so much. I've always loved watching my students make connections. Getting to see it in a child - especially your own - must be a million times more exciting! I'm so eager for my own little man to start talking to see how he sorts through it all. I'm so glad to her you enjoying and appreciating these special language moments. They keep us going, huh? :)

  2. They definitely DO keep us going, indeed! That's a great reminder. It's fun to hear you be so passionate about this, as I am, that together we can ride these exciting waves of brain activity! I've always loved watching my students make the connections, too, and yes, it is even more amazing with our own. This weekend, she just started using "I", which is another whole thing in itself...
    Thanks, again, for your energy and your presence, and esp. for taking the time to share it!!


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